• Do not store goods on top of soft furnishings during move as goods may bounce off and get damaged
  • Place the items you need at the front of the storage unit. Remember you can visit your unit as often as you wish as Mini Storage offer 24 hour access to all their customers
  • Stand mattresses on end and avoid stacking heavy items on soft furnishings.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat placing protectors in between to avoid any marks
  • Ensure you leave space for access to the rear of the unit


  • "In our fast growing business, we need maximum flexibility with minimum fixed costs. Mini Storage is first class - we know that, whatever our need, Mini Storage will be able to meet it"
  • Michael Logan, River Wines Ltd

  • "Mini Storage offers an excellent and efficient self storage service. With ideal locations and easy accessibility its the perfect place for us to safely store our materials"
  • Tony Gaffney, Jag Enterprises