Moving & Packing


  • Always ensure that your goods will fit into the storage unit you select. Ministorage trained staff will help you to find the unit that suits you. We do recommend that you visit the chosen facility to verify that your unit meets your needs and recommend you reserve your unit in advance in order to avoid disappointment
  • Utilise your space - pack smaller items in spaces e.g. cupboards, lockers etc
  • Do not store goods on top of soft furnishings during move as goods may bounce off and get damaged
  • Clean white goods prior to storing. Defrost fridge and freezer, not forgetting to leave doors open to aid ventilation whilst in store
  • Use bubble wrap on polished furniture and mirrors etc. to avoid damage
  • Clean your garden equipment prior to storing and don't forget to drain fuel from any petrol driven items
  • Label each box clearly using a Mini Storage marker pen to easily identify items you require later
  •  Individual alarmed units each sized to suit your storage requirements.
  • On site meeting rooms available on an hourly bases.
  •  Shelving to suit each storage unit size (subject to availability).
  •  Free up expensive office space and get immediate return on investment.
  • Flexible offerings allow for combination of your own unit with full service offering incorporating pick up and delivery.


  • "In our fast growing business, we need maximum flexibility with minimum fixed costs. Mini Storage is first class - we know that, whatever our need, Mini Storage will be able to meet it"
  • Michael Logan, River Wines Ltd

  • "Mini Storage offers an excellent and efficient self storage service. With ideal locations and easy accessibility its the perfect place for us to safely store our materials"
  • Tony Gaffney, Jag Enterprises